Strategic consultations

Bright Case International acts as a consultant in the areas of security, intelligence, image protection, protection of the immaterial, and lobbying.For long years, wehave been presentingstrategic consultations that address long-term challenges to different states, economic and commercial structures.

At Bright Case International we study each small detail in the case proposed and based on our elaborated study we give the best solutions to be adopted, meanwhile we achieve plans we put to our clients to guarantee the success.

Moreover, our presence in most important cities enables us the flexibility as well as the efficiency

  • Brussels: the capital of Europe which holds EU council, EU parliament... etc.
  • Geneva: the world capital of funds and banking sectors
  • New York: where the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly
  • Washington: place of US Congress as well as USA administration

For long years, we have fulfilled hundreds of assignments for large international business and others sectors as varied as energy, finance, agro-business, construction, mining, and also transportation and navigation. We also count several states and public services among our clients.

Bright Case International guarantees the confidentiality of it clients in all stages of work.