Lobbying & Decision influence

Bright Case International existing in most important cities of the World-decision:

  • Brussels: the capital of Europe which holds EU council, EU parliament... etc.
  • New York: where the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly
  • Washington: place of US Congress as well as USA administration

We are able to defend the complex or delicate operations of states or companies through our modern and effective lobbying practice.

Throughout specialists of Bright Case International consists of former politicians as well as our deep knowledge of various geographic segments, we present one of most effective lobbying goes beyond just the structures of the European Union (the Commission, the Parliament, and the Council), as we regularly interact with the Council of Europe, various member-states (at the government-level or at the level of elected assemblies).

Economic, commercial and political interests seeking to influence government decisions, legislation or the award of contracts is part of the policy-making process in modern democracies. Lobbying can improve government decisions by providing valuable insights and data.