Litigation and dispute resolutions

Bright Case International as an international law firm pays particular attention to providing our clients' with an excellent level of services in conflict management which includes all forms of dispute resolution techniques. This is one of the main areas in which we can be most helpful to our clients with the vast volume of expertise and experience that we have accumulated.

Our networks of lawyers know the law and we know the realities. We are committed to find most efficient solutions to make our clients' business a pleasant experience.Special Group of qualified lawyers has been created within the firm to serve clients' needs in vast geographic regions in the world.

Comprehensively experienced at every level of court system our attorneys cover arbitration and litigation in the commercial, civil, tax, administrative, financial etc. disputes. Because each of our lawyers has specialized areas of practice, we are able to draw on a cross-section of expert knowledge to provide effective results in each and every matter brought to us by our client.

We advise and represent foreign trading, financial, investment, industrial etc. companies that pursue their business interests in USA and Europe. They are entitled to our tailor-made, energetic and creative services to satisfy their needs.

At Bright Case International, we however believe the most practical resolution to a legal conflict is a business-minded solution WITH keepingthe judicial one standby.