Bright Case International exists as International law firm to be network of best lawyers; in both USA and European countries like UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands… using teamwork of lawyers counts some of the finest legal minds in London, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam to provide legal services in a timely manner for European markets.

Bright Case International was built to serve clients wherever they do business - quickly, efficiently and with genuine knowledge of both local and international considerations. But while markets around the world are internationalizing, this doesn’t mean they are becoming the same. We remain committed, as always, to the local markets that are the building blocks of international business.

Our focus on providing strategic, pragmatic and responsive legal counsel in each of our core practices has made us the firm of choice for clients seeking to structure transactions, manage risk, protect and develop assets, pursue remedies and resolve disputes. Clients value our guidance on sophisticated matters ranging from multidistrict litigation to complex, cross-border transactions.

Our multilingual professionals always make sure you obtain precise and understandable information.

Bright Case International network of Lawyers, Attorneys and Solicitors offer a blend of knowledge, experience and imagination linked to all areas of legal practices (business law, litigation, arbitration, international business law, debt collection, tax law, national and international contracts, insurance law, intellectual property rights, real estate and construction law, administrative and public law, family law, social law, estate planning, competition and antitrust, Employment and labour laws, Ethics laws, Hotels and leisure law, Maritime and admiralty laws, penal law, personal injury and indemnities, Civil rights, Immigration and work permit, International courts, Company law, investment law, Banking Law, Consumer law, enforcement and execution, Transport law, Environmental law, Criminal business law, Sport law, Health law, IT and communications law, Media law) and in case needed in partnership among our geographic segments (London, Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Rome, Madrid and USA).