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Bright Case International Law Firm 
Rue Guillaume-Tell 6   
1201 Geneva  
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Bright Cases’ Geneva Law office network is staffed with highly experienced lawyers, combines Swiss law knowledge, regional laws knowledge and international knowledge with experience in innovative solutions for our Swiss Law office serving areas.  Bright Case International Law Firm holds in-depth expertise in almost all areas of law: Every lawyer, attorney, solicitor and barrister in the network of Bright Case International Law Firm can claim solid expertise and recognised experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.

We pride to be one of top English-speaking Law Firms in many geographic segments France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), UAE (Dubai), Sultanate Oman (Muscat), and Egypt (Cairo). Our English speaking lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and barristers are qualified to deal with all questions related to case in local languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Arabic) as well as English language; each lawyer, attorney, solicitor and barrister in the network of Bright Case International Law Firm is an English speaking lawyer.

Practice Areas

As a Full-Service Law Firm, Lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and barristers list of Bright Case International Law Firm, provide a wide variety of legal assistances and legal services lies in its ability to provide both transactional advice and litigation counsel in core practices such as:

Administrative Law Consumer Law Health Care Property Law
Admiral Law Criminal Law Immigration Law Real Estate Law
Antitrust and Competition Debt Recovery Injury and Indemnities Science and Technology Law
Arbitrations and Disputes Resolution Debtor and Creditor Insurance Law Sports Law
Aviation Law Employment Law Intellectual Property Rights Tax Law
Banking Law Environmental Law International Law Transport Law
Estate Planning International Trade Law Commercial Law Business Law
Ethics Law and Liability Investment Law DWI / DUI & Traffic-Related Offenses Civil Law
Execution and Enforcement Leisure and Hotels Law Communication and IT Family Law
Litigation Company Law-Setup


Our Geneva office includes French, English, US, Russian, Arabic and European -qualified lawyers who have French, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish language capabilities.  Our on-the-ground understanding of the Swissmarket combined with our vibrant international practice has resulted in successful long-term relationships with the firm’s global clients.

Choosing the Right Lawyer to act on your behalf is the most important decision in the articulation to pave the road, in a complex, ever-changing legal environment, YOU need a Law Firm who understand that world - and understand YOU too. Thanks to our profound experience, deep knowledge and innovation, we save our clients’ money and time. Meanwhile our cheap rates are recognised as cheap fees and maybe the cheapest rates in comparison of the quality, efficiency and rapidity of services that we present.