Property and Real Estate

BRIGHT CASE INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM holds in-depth expertise in Property and Real Estate. We offer our customers a wide range of services.  As BRIGHT CASE INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM operates in many regions, and on many commercial and financial markets in Europe, UK (London, Manchester, etc.), France (Paris, Marseille, etc.), Belgium (Brussels, Liege, etc.) and the Middle East, UAE, (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, etc.), Oman (Muscat, Suhar, etc.)  BRIGHT CASE INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM works with a team of Property and Real Estate specialists: Every lawyer, attorney and solicitor in the network of BRIGHT CASE INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM claims solid expertise and recognised experience in the field in question, gained over years of professional practice, guaranteeing the quality of the service provided.

We accompany our clients in the Property and Real Estate from A to Z in many regions over the world, also on many commercial and financial markets in Europe, UK (London, Manchester, etc.), France (Paris, Marseille, etc.), Belgium (Brussels, Liege, etc.) and the Middle East, UAE, (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, etc.), Oman (Muscat, Suhar, etc.). We help our Property and Real Estate clients even if they were abroad we act on their behalf without presenting in the region in most of cases, and in this field we present the following services:

  • Finding all kinds of desired properties (Real estate, Houses, Flats, Cars, etc.),
  • Negotiating on behalf of our clients prices of purchase and rent of desired object.
  • Achieving transactions and Acting on behalf of our clients to buy, to sell, to hire, to rent both commercial and non-commercial proprieties and all kinds of real estates,
  • Redaction  of contracts and all legal documents on behalf of our clients,
  • Representing our clients in all transactions (Purchase, Vender, Rent, Hiring, Tenancy, etc.)
  • Managing real estate properties on behalf of our clients (Maintenance, Stocks, Bide, etc.)
  • Handling all litigations related to proprieties, including tribunal and arbitrations’ actions... etc.

Moreover the above services of Property and Real Estate, our Lawyers, Attorneys and Solicitors offer a blend of knowledge, experience and imagination linked to other areas of practice (business law, litigation, arbitration, international business law, debt collection, tax law, national and international contracts, insurance law, intellectual property rights, real estate and construction law, administrative and public law, family law, social law, estate planning, competition and antitrust, Employment and labour laws, Ethics laws, Hotels and leisure law, Maritime and admiralty laws, penal law, personal injury and indemnities, Civil rights, Immigration and work permit, International courts, Company law, investment law, Banking Law, Consumer law, enforcement and execution, Transport law, Environmental law, Criminal business law, Sport law, Health law, IT and communications law, Media law) and in case needed in partnership among our geographic segments (London, Paris, Brussels, Geneva,  Rome, Madrid, Nicosia,  Dubai, Muscat, Cairo). Thus, our lawyers, attorneys and solicitors deliver one of the best expert advices speedily, efficiently and to the highest professional standards in all fields of Property and Real Estate.

Choosing the Right Lawyer to act on your behalf is the most important decision in the articulation to pave the road, in a complex, ever-changing legal environment, you need a Law Firm who understand that world - and understand you too. So, if you or your businesses need legal advice or legal assistance, Contact our law office close to you in UK (London) France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, RAK, etc), Oman (Muscat, Suhar, etc). Whatever the challenge, we can help you reach the right result. . Thanks to our deep experience in Property and Real Estate, we save our clients’ money and time. Meanwhile our cheap rates are recognised as cheap fees and maybe the cheapest rates in comparison of the quality, efficiency and rapidity of services that we present.