Offshore Company

Solutions involving an Offshore Company are not always the best suited for tax optimization. Our international consultants will evaluate each case carefully taking into account all the solutions available in order to reach the ultimate goal, including offshore alternatives.

However, sometimes an Offshore Company is not the right answer simply because the law does not allow that specific situation, or even because the advantage received from implementing an offshore solution is not enough to justify the expense.

A general rule that you can apply to offshore solutions is that the lower the level of activity, the smaller the chances of finding a suitable offshore solution that can be implemented without running the risk of falling in illegality. Of course, the customer will always be informed of all details involved.

When the constitution of an offshore company is suitable to the situation presented, Tax & Advise is able to guide each client to custom solutions in various jurisdictions offering an all-inclusive service package making it possible for the client to start using the offshore company as soon as possible:

Advice and full support: From the first free initial discussion, we will explore diverse offshore solutions that are suitable for the aim pursued. The choice of jurisdiction will be made according to customer’s requirements with respect to the synergies created by interweaving of local and international legislation. We will support you from the incorporation stage and you can always count on the help of our consultants for the management of your offshore company.

Offshore Company incorporation (Maximum 5 working days after receiving the documents signed): All you have to do is signing some documents and provide us with the information needed in order to create your offshore company. Soon after the incorporation, you will receive:

    The Certificate of Incorporation

    Copy of Certificate of Registration of Activities

    Memorandum and Articles of Association

    Public Seal

    Company’s Stamp

    Legal Forms (will be different based on the jurisdiction chosen)

Opening of Offshore Bank Account: The bank account (checking account) for the offshore company will be open in your name at one of the largest banks in the world, depending on the jurisdiction. You Will Receive:

     Welcome pack from the bank of choice with information regarding your account

    PIN number for Internet Banking


    Password for telephone banking

    ATM card in the name of the company (can be anonymous upon request) + PIN