Project Tax Consultation

Project contractors include corporate group internal and external energy source contractors, equipment suppliers and installers, construction-related contractors, oil and gas contractors, and technical service suppliers.

Project contractors and their expatriate staff working in the field are subject to income tax, business tax, personal income tax and other miscellaneous taxes. VAT and tariffs may also apply on purchases of tangible assets.

The payment of VAT, income tax or business tax of a contract depends on the structure of contract. In poorly structured contract, both VAT and business tax might be paid on some items.

BRIGHT CASE consultants can formulate a series of comprehensive service proposal to facilitate contractors sign contracts successfully. At the initial stage of project, our tax consultants will have tax-saving as target and propose suggestions about contract structure according to relevant tax treaty provisions. Then they will review the drafted contracts and assist in obtaining Qualification Certificates, registration with industry and commerce administrative authorities and tax authorities, negotiation with the tax authorities for favorable profit rates and acceptable apportionment of contracts, preparation and filing of tax returns, and finally, de-registration when the project is completed.

BRIGHT CASE services also include tax registration of expatriates, preparation and filing of tax returns, and de-registration. We also provide advices to many foreign contractor clients on how to minimize tax costs of contracts.

BRIGHT CASE always selects its staff networking to be best accountants, auditors, lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and barristers specialised in field of question. The experience and the knowledge of our team of work is highly recognised in various geographic segments:  UK (London, Manchester, etc.), France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, etc.), Belgium (Brussels, Liege, etc.), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, etc), Italy (Rome, Milan, etc), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, etc), Cyprus (Nicosia), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.), Sultanate Oman (Muscat, Suhar, etc.), and Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, etc.) and they have been offering one of best advice, assistance and services