Accounting and Bokkeeping

Managing taxes and the accounting of a company can be time consuming. You cannot spend all your time focusing on numbers and reconciling accounts! For this reason, our staff of experienced certified accountants would take this burden from your shoulders, if you request this service for your company, and even for your personal accounts. The data will always be accurate, the deadlines will be met, and communications will be always in your mother tongue.

Our team of accountants in London can manage:

Dormant Accounts: In the case of a dormant company, we will ask in your name applicable tax exemption, by attaching the transaction verification of the preceding year. You would only need to send us copies of financial statements.

Annual accountancy: Some documents must be submitted to HMRC and to the Companies House annually. Our accountants will reconcile your accounts, will sign the documents, and submit them to the British authorities as necessary.

Corporate Tax Declaration: The tax return must be submitted to HMRC within 9 months after the end of the fiscal year. ACCA accredited accountants will produce the Declaration and submit it to the competent authorities.

Personal income tax return: Our accountants in London will fill out your personal tax return. This will happen after you submit signed form 64-8, the previous declaration, and the information regarding your salary.

Bookkeeping: The accounting of your company will always be in order and you can control it with our accountants’ assistance whenever you like. Keeping the records in order is a great advantage if your company is audited by the HMRC.

Declaration VAT: With the joint support of experienced consultants and accredited accountants, you will be sure to pay the right amount of VAT. We will also help you in determining the right amount of VAT, especially if your trade is outside the United Kingdom’s market and have to deal with international VAT

Payroll: Our staff will also prepare the necessary declarations for the recruitment of employees (PAYE).

BRIGHT CASE always selects its staff networking to be best accountants, auditors, lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and barristers specialised in field of question. The experience and the knowledge of our team of work is highly recognised in various geographic segments:  UK (London, Manchester, etc.), France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, etc.), Belgium (Brussels, Liege, etc.), Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, etc), Italy (Rome, Milan, etc), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, etc), Cyprus (Nicosia), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.), Sultanate Oman (Muscat, Suhar, etc.), and Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, etc.) and they have been offering one of best advice, assistance and services.